Say Good Bye Painless Piles: Complete Laser Treatment Guide

Say Good Bye Painless Piles: Complete Laser Treatment Guide

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Say Good Bye Painless Piles: Complete Laser Treatment Guide

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Updated on: 4th Jun 2024

Goodbye Painless Piles: A Comprehensive Guide to Laser Treatment, Haemorrhoids, another name for piles, are a painful and uncomfortable ailment that affects millions of individuals globally. Treatments for piles have historically been linked to severe discomfort and drawn-out recuperation periods. But with to developments in medical technology, pile treatment has been completely transformed, and patients now have access to a very safe and efficient less invasive option: laser treatment. We are pleased to offer laser treatment for piles at Rohtak Bawasir Hospital (Best Hospital in Rohtak for Piles Treatment), giving patients effective and safe pain and discomfort alleviation.

What is Piles ?

The rectum and anus have bulging, inflammatory veins called piles, which can hurt, itch, bleed, and cause discomfort. They may appear outwardly, around the anus, or internally, within the rectum. Increased pressure on the veins in the rectal region, which can be brought on by a number of conditions including long-term constipation, straining during bowel movements, pregnancy, obesity, or an inactive lifestyle, is frequently the cause of piles.

Traditional vs. Laser Treatment

Topical medicines, rubber band ligation, sclerotherapy, and surgical techniques like hemorrhoids are among the conventional treatments for piles. Although these therapies have the potential to be very beneficial, they may also cause severe pain, suffering, and extended recovery times.

Laser treatment for piles, on the other hand, offers several advantages over traditional methods:

1. Minimally Invasive:

There are no incisions needed and only local anaesthetic needed for the least invasive laser treatment of piles. As a result, there is no discomfort, little bleeding, and quicker healing times.

2. Precision and Accuracy :

“to encircle healthy tissue and lower the possibility of complications.”

3. Reduced Risk of Infection:

The treatment region is efficiently sterilised by the high energy of the laser beam, which lowers the risk of infection and speeds up healing.

4. Quick Procedure:

In most cases, piles laser treatment is done as an outpatient operation that takes a few minutes to finish, allowing patients to go back home the same day.

Benefits of Laser Treatment for Piles

  1. Minimally Invasive: Compared to traditional surgery, laser treatment requires fewer cuts and incisions, which lessens stress to the surrounding tissues and lessens discomfort following surgery.

  2. Precision and Accuracy: Laser beams carefully target the hemorrhoidal tissue that is afflicted, minimizing harm to good tissue and guaranteeing efficient therapy.

  3. Reduced Pain and Discomfort: The capacity of laser treatment to shut nerve endings when treating hemorrhoids is one of its biggest benefits, as it reduces pain both during and after the process.

  4. Quick Recovery: When receiving laser treatment for piles, patients usually recover more quickly than when having standard surgery. Most are back to their regular routines in a few days.

  5. Minimal Bleeding: By cauterizing blood vessels throughout the process, the laser lowers the chance of bleeding during and after the procedure.

  6. Outpatient Procedure: Typically, piles are treated with laser therapy as an outpatient operation, which spares patients from being admitted to the hospital and lets them heal in the comfort of their own homes.

How Laser Treatment Works

A customized laser instrument is used by the surgeon to focus light beams onto the hemorrhoidal tissue during laser treatment for piles. The hemorrhoids’ blood vessels constrict and eventually disappear as a result of the laser energy’s coagulation. It may take several sessions to get the best results, depending on the location and severity of the hemorrhoids.

Preparing for Laser Treatment

Prior to receiving laser treatment for piles, patients usually have a comprehensive assessment performed by a medical professional. To determine the degree and severity of the hemorrhoids, this evaluation consists of a physical examination and potentially further testing. Patients are instructed to adhere to particular pre-operative guidelines, which could include dietary adjustments and a temporary stop to some drugs that might have an impact on bleeding.


In summary, pile therapy with lasers provides a cutting-edge and practical substitute for conventional surgical methods. Many patients with hemorrhoids now choose it over other options due to its low invasiveness, low pain, short recovery periods, and high success rates. Speak with a licensed healthcare professional about your options, advantages, and anticipated results if you’re thinking about undergoing laser treatment for piles. With laser treatment, bid adieu to uncomfortable piles and welcome a more pleasant and healthful way of living.

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